More Details Emerge About Margate Karen vs. Kylie Kelce

We have some more details of what went down between Margate Karen and Kylie Kelce in the Steve & Cookies parking lot on Saturday night thanks to Hugh E. Dillon at

Saturday evening Jason and Kylie headed to Steve & Cookies by the Sea on a date night with another couple. (Which I did post Sunday night, when I ate there. I put on my IG Stories they were there the night before)

As they headed pulled into the parking lot, they needed to wait for a spot to open, as is always the case when you eat there, but turnover is fairly quick about 10 minutes. As Jason’s famous car idled there, a women walked up to the famous Tesla truck and began banging on it to get Jason’s attention. K&J got out to find out what was going on. The women then asked for a photo with her family. He declined, it wasn’t a good time, and obviously banging on the nearly $100ks Tesla Truck is RUDE!! The women went ballistic after not getting her way. (BTW there is a video of her banging on the truck, I don’t have that one but I know several people who have seen it, can you imagine?? Also the man in the photo, was with the Kelce’s, he wasn’t manhandling her as someone commented)

Not one to shy away, Kylie defended their decision, as the women shouted the Kelce’s would never be welcomed in Margate again. The women got into Kylie’s face, and not one to shy away Kiley gave it right back to her, telling her to just shut up you’re embarrassing yourself as Kylie’s friend (in blue) encouraged her to break away and go into the restaurant.

Every time I read more about Margate Karen I hate her even more than I did before. I just can’t believe someone can live in a world of delusion and entitlement. Then again, I don’t live in the suburbs and don’t own a shore house so I’m sure these people are a dime a dozen down there. But banging on some person’s six-figure Tesla for a picture is such insane behavior that I think this woman might have to be put in an asylum and have the key thrown away. I’m not even kidding. That lady shouldn’t be able to walk around with everyday people unmonitored if she can’t control herself around the Kelces of all people. Like don’t get me wrong the Kelces are famous. They’re not A-List international sensations. They’re not famous like Michael Jordan – whose eaten at Steve & Cookies multiple times. They’re like Northeastern United States famous.

I’ll also say this, and I’m not defending Margate Karen, but the Kelces buying one of the most recognizable cars in a century and putting bumper stickers on it that only can be recognized as your car is an insane move by a famous person. I’m sure the Steve & Cookies parking lot is a border line car show, but most of those are driven by nobody rich people. Not the Super Bowl Champion center whose brother is dating Taylor Swift. That would be like Joel Embiid pulling up to the Sea Isle Wawa with “The Process” wrapped around his Lamborghini. Embiid, who by the way, used to vacation in Margate until I’m guessing people made it annoying to walk around with his family he ventured elsewhere. Again the Kelces should be afforded the luxury to walk around like normal people, I get that. Sea Isle City does a great job of it. Probably because they’ve been vacationing there for over a decade. But when you venture to other islands people won’t always understand how to act. Take the SUV next time and maybe Margate Karen doesn’t try to dent your truck.

But still, you can see how normal Jason and Kylie want to be and how normal people treat famous people as they went out to a bar after dinner:

Despite that dust up, people told me the couple had a lovely evening, laughing and enjoying their meals. A few people walked by their table to say hi, the only one who stopped by was Michael Rubin, owner of the Sixers, but I haven’t had a double confirmation on him being there.

After Dinner they were spotted at Tomatoes down the street, hanging out with the crowds, unbothered, They did stop by Memories first but moved on as it was packed, and the line was wrapped around the block.

Then sat in traffic on the AC Expressway. Celebrities, they’re just like us:

And just like regular people, they headed home Monday and were stuck in traffic on the AC Expressway around 6pm, according to a reader who sent me a photo of his much famous Tesla truck and all it’s bumper stickers.

Poor Margate getting a bad rap on the first week of the summer is a tough look. Even the Mayor released a statement apologizing and saying dinner was on him next time:

Love this guy trying to weasel his way into a dinner with Jason Kelce at Steve & Cookies on the taxpayer’s dime. Stay hot politicians! Chess not Checkers, baby!

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