Two tornados confirmed in Greene County

GREENE COUNTY, Ark. (KAIT) – Severe storms and overnight tornadoes made their way through Greene County.

The National Weather Service of Memphis said the latest damage survey results indicate that both a preliminary EF-2 and EF-1 tornado occurred in Greene County on Sunday, May 26.

A summary statement from NWS of the EF-2 tornado is below:

“The tornado began along County Road 735 in Paragould, AR, resulting in a few trees uprooted and snapped. Damage was also noted to a carport which had fallen on a vehicle with only minor roof damage to the home. The tornado continued to move east, crossing Highway 412 and producing additional tree damage. Wind speeds within the tornado intensified as it approached Spring Grove Road where the first signs of significant structural damage were noted to a home. A couple of homes suffered minor roof damage along Pruetts Chapel Road with further intensification noted on Rockingchair Road and Sandy Lane where significant roof damage occurred to a residence and a couple of outbuildings were completely destroyed.”

“Damage became more sporadic as the tornado moved east along Pruetts Chapel Road, but additional significant damage to homes and trees was noted on South 34th Street and Sandwedge Drive, along Enclave Circle, and on Carroll Road. The maximum intensity of the tornado was likely in this area. One home lost its entire roof and widespread tree damage with a clear path was noted nearby. The tornado quickly weakened as it moved to the east with the last damage noted just to the west of Highway 49 north of MockingbirdLane.”

A summary statement of the EF-1 tornado is below:

“This tornado developed in far southern Greene County, AR, just east of the intersection of County Road 931 and Craighead County Road 989 on the Greene-Craighead County line. The first sign of damage was some farm equipment blown into an open field. Two homes were damaged just north of County Road 931, one significantly. The first home alone suffered minor exterior damage and a tree was snapped in its front yard.”

“More significant damage occurred to the house just to the east near the intersection of 931 and Craighead County Road 991, where much of the roof was removed and a nearby outbuilding was completely destroyed. In addition, exterior walls from an add-on room partially collapsed. Several power lines were also down along County Road 931 as the tornado crossed into extreme northern Craighead County. Mostly tree damage was noted in Craighead County just south of Route 931 with the tornado lifting in an open field to the west of Highway 135.”

Greene County Sheriff Brad Snyder posted an update on Facebook in the early hours of May 27.

Snyder told K8 News the storm downed power lines and trees on Pruett’s Chapel Road and South Rockingchair Road and also in the area near the Paragould Country Club.

K8 reporter Alejandra Hernandez reports that one homeowner told her that “it happened pretty fast.”

Paragould E-911 Director Michael McCammon asks as cleanup efforts continue, people should stay at home.

“Assess your damage, and don’t go into town to look at damage,” McCammon said.

The NWS of Memphis said additional details on the storm are expected to come later.

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